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Getting to the heart of the matter with honesty and kindness, based in love.

Kathyrn offers individual counseling, group therapy, presentations and workshops, bringing forward the voice of the client in a meaningful way that honors their experience and puts energy into action.


Unless you are on a Kaiser Permanente plan, payment for services is out of pocket. I am not paneled with any other insurance for my services, so would be responsible for paying the total fee at each session unless we’ve made other arrangements in advance. I am open to negotiating these rates as needed in case of financial hardship.


*Leaving your insurance out of the loop can be beneficial. Insurance providers often prescribe session limits and tie counselors’ hands as to the services we can provide and how we do our work. By leaving them out of the equation, we have more freedom to provide services in a way that works best for you, the client.)

Gender identity | Transgender
Individual therapeutic consultation for adults
50 min - $140​ cash/check/PayPal only

Individual consultations can focus on grief and loss or trauma recovery, strategies for dealing with unhealthy family dynamics, or utilizing the building resilience Connections curriculum on an individual basis. 

Polyamorous | Gay | Lesbian
​Couples/poly/family consultation
75 minute - $200

Partners attend sessions together to learn how to have difficult conversations with honesty and kindness, based in love.


This is a safe space for non-traditional families.

Kathyrn is sex positive, and kink and poly aware.

Living authentically
Job coaching
50 min sessions - $200/session or $850 for 5 sessions

Thinking of  changing careers? Recall good choices you have made in your life. Focus on past successes and unlock future potential. Create an allegory that speaks to your uniqueness and job searching materials from this work to help you on your journey. 

Massage and wellness
Individual therapeutic consultations for children
50 min - $140 cash/check/PayPal only

Exploring identity development, anxiety, and depression with gentle and compassionate conversation and activities.

Counseling for the coming out process
Individual consultations for youth
50 min - $140 cash/check/PayPal only

šSuicide is the leading cause of death for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 24, with depression the most significant biological and psychological risk for youth suicide.


Adolescence can be a challenging time of development, and it is all the more challenging for young people who are LGBTQ2-S. šTo develop an overall positive identity in the midst of such negative social stigma requires courage and resilience. 

Massage and wellness
Parent coaching consultations
50 min - $140 cash/check/PayPal only

Parents of children with special or unique needs face an extraordinary set of circumstances. Coaching can be beneficial for navigating through the stages of grief and loss into acceptance and advocacy.

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