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Creating a society that supports parents who support their kids

We all hear about the need to create a society that accepts children as they are, without reservation. On this, I think we can all agree.

What may be more of a controversial statement is that we need to create a society in which parents are accepted and supported for supporting their children for who they are, without reservation.

When we have such high rates of homeless youth sleeping in our streets because they have been kicked out, or are afraid to be who they are at home, with the adults who they are supposed to feel safe with, then we have a significant problem.

If parents are worried about "what others will think," or about whether they will be perceived as bad parents, or if they have to keep a "safe kit" for fear of being reported to CPS because they are supporting their child's gender transition, we have a lot of work to do. Would you agree?

If so, will you join me on this journey? Until parents are receiving the support they need, our children will not be safe to be themselves. And that would be a tremendous waste.

#transgender #gendervariantyouth #auburntherapist

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